Im having trouble finding a new therapist since I'm finally done putting up with mine. She's a great person, but she never gives me real help and only talks about her own life for "relatability" and gives me unhelpful book recommendations knowing I don't read. I'm freaking out because my medication is about to run out and my therapist has continually forgot for MONTHS to all for a refill and i can't find anyone else to get it. I also feel guilty for trying to find a new therapist because mine got very defensive when i mentioned wanting to find someone more equipped for my specific concerns. Just wanted to vent because I'm not in a great place right now and hate living in a small town with minimal resources.

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    I use psychologytoday.com, that’s how I found both my psych and therapist. You definitely need to get a new one that doesn’t sound good. I totally get feeling guilty and I have been thinking about getting a therapist that better fits my needs. I do feel guilty but I always have to remember that I’m just a client, it’s not going to crush them if I change. Their job is to help you. Also, I see both my therapist and psychiatrist on zoom!!

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      I just made an appointment with someone from psychologytoday.com actually!! And it's on zoom too! I'm still going to have to see my current therapist though because she works for my school and is a director in a club i need to be a part of for scholarships and I'm scared she's going to hate me or ignore me now... But you're right I'm just her client and I need to put my needs above pleasing others

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