Has anybody found any treatment thats effective?
also, how do you make money or develop ypur career when exhausted all the time. I ahvent been able to out in the work to chsnge careers or work enough in my current work to make adequate income.

Generalized pain

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Joint pain


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  • 4healthiswealth


    L Lysine helps to fight viruses and Monolaurin treats CFS symptoms. I can attest to not being as tired or dealing with muscle and joint pain and weakness since taking them.

    • PEMprincess


      Do you experience faint spells or random collapsing due to a crash in energy/muscle pain or weakness? This is most disruptive in my effort to earn financial stability, does monolaurin help with that as well? 😍

  • PEMprincess


    I’d suggest looking for a pcp that is a DO, meaning they specialize in traditional medicine and in holistic medicine. My doctor is a DO, and some things she’s suggested that help are drinking alkaline ph balanced water (i like the kind smart water makes), aquatic therapy (haven’t yet tried), acupuncture (haven’t yet tried but supposed to level out pain n pressure points so there’s slight ease during flare up/crash), massage therapy (even if you invest in the occasional 30 min massage this is great on the muscles, less hassle if you can call in a masseuse to the home), meditation (helps brain fog. LOVE), yoga (stretching can feel rlly good on my muscles and personally levels out pain during a flare up. LOVE), and some herbal supplements that help regulate body function (b-12 shot lasts a few months in system for energy, tumeric for energy, probiotic for healthier digestive tract) list goes on!

  • PEMprincess


    I’ve also tried doing little puzzles & brain games whether that be through a free app or a cheap activity book from the store to help with brain fog. I choose things like memory games, mazes, word searches, connect the dots, riddles, math- anything that I feel normally Fs with the fog but I started with elementary level and graduate upward so I could feel happy with my brain and cognition (instead of defeated). Now, when I meet a little brain fog while processing things I HAVE to in everyday life it’s a little less daunting/frustrating, and a tad less likely to cause me to flare up. Hoping this exercise helps enough to allow me to resume school online at least, and hoping anything I’ve said helps you 💝💝💝 Happy healing!

  • PEMprincess


    Still struggling with sustainable earning myself! So far I do obscure side jobs when I can manage like babysitting, selling plates of my prepared meals, or offering creative services (makeup web design art etc). Recently been considering planning a work schedule so if i work Feb-April rest on off months then work July-September rest on off months save and mindfully spend in meantime. Still deciding whether that’s practical, pls let’s let each other know if we come across accommodating career ideas!

  • Belugabear


    So I had my cortisol checked and it was really low! Turns out that a steroid I was on was making it low and causing a lot of my fatigue!

  • Tertiary


    Find a functional doctor and get the right testing for your cortisol. My functional doctor did a saliva test. I had to spit into a small vial 4 times a day to show where my cortisol levels were at. Your levels should be different at different times of day. That is why bloodwork doesn't catch it. I take licorice tablets and an adaptogen to help. Also eating a whole foods diet is best. Stay away from gluten.

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