How do you cope with emetophobia and is it a fear of other people’s throw up or yourself?

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  • cookie_mo


    taking anxiety meds has been extremely helpful for keeping me calm at a baseline. i still have my ups and downs, but the number one thing that helps me is rationalisation. for example: i think i am feeling unwell. i consider, has anyone around me been sick recently? not usually, no. have i eaten anything weird? not usually. am i nauseous and have a stomach ache? sometimes one OR the other but rarely both. going through those steps helps me a ton. it becomes hard when any of those things are a “yes”, though. that’s my number one problem there, because sometimes there are yesses. i still don’t really know what to do when that happens.

  • JoshAG


    For me both are about equally terrifying, though I’d say I’m a little more anxious about myself throwing up. If I feel something unusual or that I think could be nausea or stomach related I immediately go into a state of panic and I have to calm myself back down. If someone else is sick a similar thing happens but I go into more of a flight reaction as well.

  • SiMill


    I get frustrated with myself all the time due to this. My boyfriend doesn’t understand. My mom is sympathetic but doesn’t understand, and if I feel nauseous even the slightest bit I have a panic attack because I’m scared I’ll throw up. It’s what I automatically go to. So since I feel alone in my situations I try to distract my mind as fast as possible this sometimes works and other times it doesn’t I am still trying to learn how to cope with it and I hope I get better as the years go by but I haven’t gotten better with it honestly and sadly

    • ECSPets


      I can relate 1000%

    • zeroooo


      TW: Suicide Thoughts I always feel like this all the time it happens everyday and sometimes it can trigger my suicidal thoughts because I don’t know what to do anymore and I just want to be put to sleep. Really the only thing that calms me down is being at a hospital.

  • dizzydarling


    i definitely get anxious and panic when others get sick, but i manage it much better than when i am sick. i still can’t be around them, but i can now be in the same place as sick people without losing my mind.

  • SmileySnail


    Both!! If somebody says they feel nauseous, or I'm in an area near where I know someone threw up, or I walk past a suspicious-looking splat on the sidewalk, or (God forbid) I hear someone else throwing up, I'm immediately nauseous and panicking. Same for me throwing up, although weirdly the last time I ACTUALLY DID throw up I handled it like a champ so I was very proud. Still panic since then though, every time.

    • SmileySnail


      I still can't finish the movie District 9 because of the "turning into a bug" scene.

  • ECSPets


    How does being at a hospital help? Hospitals are huge triggers for me bc of people there being sick and germs

  • ECSPets


    I honestly self harm when I feel nauseous bc I would rather die then have it happen. I don't know what else to do.

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