I've dealt with depressive episodes that made just living difficult. How do y’all deal with it? How do you get yourself to feel normal again?


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  • uwuchihoe


    i struggle with this too so i’m still trying to figure out what helps, but i noticed that listening to music i listen to when i’m happy helps me. or songs that remind me of good times, it puts me in that mood temporarily which is a nice escape. i also try to watch documentaries that i have a genuine interest in which gets me back into my normal personality.

  • Happybean03


    Thanks, I’ll have to try that out 🤗

  • PhoneticElk


    I binge watch interesting YouTube videos, I also like listening to funny podcasts.

  • bobafifi


    i’m dealing with that too right now but my advice to you is try to do things that spark joy in you, like music or hobbies that you like / used to like! i bake to distract myself and afterwards i feel normal again so i would recommend that too, or cooking if you prefer that.

  • fun


    this is a really recurring problem for me and usually something that can start breaking me out of an episode is to completely change my environment for a while; spend a couple of days (in a row) leaving my house and doing something that i wouldn’t normally do kind of forces my brain to reset (it’s not a 100% fix, but the reset shocks my brain into starting to work again)

  • wulfiana


    I do the "if you cant do 100% then just try for 5%" like if you see a cup somewhere its not supposed to be, put up that one cup. Or if you feel like you cant take a full shower, just wash your face. Have a pile of laundry (like me) only put away one or two things. Over time, itll get easier, and you can do more at a time. It takes time, but it makes it worth it. But even if you feel like you cant do anything. Just do a tiny task.

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