Has anyone else experienced slight hallucinations because of anxiety? I started getting them when I was younger and am going to therapy for it but we still haven't figured out why it started.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Crystal_Rose


    Sometimes I would see shadows in my peripheral vision or feel like I'm hearing things. I think its the anxiety also bringing about paranoia after bit but im not sure.

  • Kayla_K1989


    I had a friend who hallucinated as a side effect of an anxiety medication

  • jasperlavender


    I’ve hallucinated once because of stress more so than anxiety. It hasn’t recurred, but I’m scared of it happening again

  • GingerToriel


    Have you consulted with a neurologist to eliminate medical causation? If you've only seen one that doesn't go through tests to analyze the cause, I encourage getting a second more specialized neurologist's opinion. They may concur with the first ones choice, but not all doctor's advocate for the idea of looking for a medical causation, as they identify the approach to treatment equal to current diagnosis. I personally find that even when small possibilities are crossed of the list from a medical point, I grow in dedication to there therapist's approach.

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