What's the funniest thing you've misheard?

Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder

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  • JackOTrades


    So I cant say I remember the original context too well but me and my sibling were playing an ocean themed game with some friends once and they said something along the line of “look, that octopus is” but uhh my brain heard “octopussy”,,, and me being me I had to ask what they said so when they heard it they burst out laughing,, it’s kind of an inside joke now

  • Wish



  • ix


    Thought a lady said to me on the sidewalk "Do you know where I can ride and f*ck?" There's a river in my town nicknamed The Tuck and she was asking here she could find the Tuck.

  • Raina.8


    I misheard and thought I heard someone say “I guess I’ll have sexual intercourse then” and I think the conversation was around like our course load

  • Oarfish


    In elementary school my best friend said something to me but I couldn't hear her, so I went with the 'ol "haha yeah" response. A week later she asked me if I was ready for our audition to the talent show that day (singing a Taylor Swift song)....apparently that's what she asked me...and I agreed without realizing it...

  • Paladin


    My co-worker at the time asked me "where the beef skirts (a cut of beef) where?" I heard instead "Where are the green smuffs?"

  • arson_thy_gay


    not me, but my cousin, thought i said "mother im entering the hemlich remover" i dont even remember what i said lmaoo

  • riotingstarrssystem


    the bodies name sometimes sounds like *sshole -rowan

  • oasis


    So I was getting fingerprinted recently and I listed my town when asked where I was born then quickly said oh this hospital a town over technically. He mumbled some comments and I couldn't focus on his words and following the directions for the fingerprint process. I kept nodding and laughing saying yeah then suddenly he's trying to relate to the at home birth I didn't know my mom had. But even funnier was his story to relate was about a woman who had a child in four state lines and had to get a birth certificate in each one. Not sure how one managers to nod and smile into that conversation lol Um the other day I did hear my friend say she had to water her hampers tail later. Still have no idea what she actually said 🤷‍♀️

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