hi! I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone has been on Amovig? my insurance finally let me see a neurologist and he put me on Amovig. I'm struggling with it. I was moved from the 70 to the 140 but I'm still getting migraines it's been about 7 months. I feel like I'm just being impatient but I'm also worried I'm not.



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  • Sierra_Turtle


    Have you tried Qulipta in conjunction with Aimavig?

    • Kelso9344


      I haven't. Is that like something that helps? I'm new to all this it's kinda overwhelming haha

    • Teardrops


      what is qulipta? I guess I can google it. So I will I have been on Aimovig, Emgality and Ajovy. All shots. I am now trying Vypeti and Botox together. As well a Depakote ER. I am not sure if there are other medications I take as preventive. I have Ubrevyl and Prochlorperazine to take when a migraine comes on. But it doesn’t work well. Not much has. Been on a LOT of prescriptions. My new neurologist (switched because I moved to a new state). Said she may have to refer me to a university which would have more specialized doctors to treat headaches and migraines….

  • Pisforpotato


    Hi there! I tried Aimovig and loved it. When I first started, it took around a month and a half to really start working, and it would still take around a week after taking it to really prevent my migraines. I still had headaches but they were nothing in comparison to my migraines.

    • Kelso9344


      hi! That's great! Since I started Amovig I have had a few migraines I'm kinda hoping it's just my body trying to get used to it

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