Hi, our computer recently broke beyond repair, and I'm having a very hard time coping with it. Can anyone give me tips? I've been really really upset because I don't know when it can be replaced and all of our stuff will be gone... Nobody here seems to care and they tell me to calm down, they don't understand.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Sublime


    Hey im so sorry youre going through this. Could you write down a list of what youve lost and Map out how its going to affect you? For me i know i tend to get overloaded and drown in my loss but part of that is because a loss of something like a wallet or digital data on a laptop contains a multitude of steps and tasks i need to process and extrapolate from my loss. I need to mourn the sentimental stuff I can’t replace, track down any copies and back ups that are salvageable, Identify the tasks I use my device for and come up with a plan for how I’m going to get those tasks done without that device. Etc etc. but also if that makes the problem worse you can just not do that . 🤗that’s the coping mechanism that works for me you may be incompatible with it and if it feels more dramatic than helpful it is 100% OK to stop 🙌

  • Reindeer_Coric


    thank you so much Sublime!! I will definitely do this, I think it'll help me so much. I really really appreciate it!

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