my illness has made me absent nearly half of the school year. i feel absolutely awful about it. my grades are good somehow, but i don’t imagine that will last much longer. my school’s “plan” was just to let me go home a little earlier. i just don’t know what to do. i want to go to college so bad. i feel so terrible about it all. any advice?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Foxtail


    I miss alot of high school and only end up going 2 days a week usually. If ur school dousnt hold ur absences against you, I'd just focus on trying to pass. That's what I do, but it also helps that the lowest grade u can get on something at my school is 50%, not 0, so I'm lucky with that privilege. It's taken stress off to just aim for a passing grade rather than doing most of the work or trying to get "good" grades, but I'm also not likely going to college. Also, community College is a perfectly valid (and often cheaper) option.

    • groundbeef


      Yes! This! If you apply to a 4 year school after doing community college they will only look at those grades so you'll have a clean slate. I also found my college is a lot better with accommodations than high school so you'll be able to do better

  • outpickingdandelions


    I missed tons of school in high school because of POTS and other chronic illnesses, and I'm now in college. It was a lot of working with my teachers to try to figure out what assignments I had to do to keep my grades up, and trying to coordinate completing assignments at home. As far as college, I go to a small school (2700 people) that's very accommodating. High school sucks but college is much better even when you're still sick.

  • Beetlejuul


    I miss a lot of college, I have a failing grade and a barely passing grade. I’m terrified I’m gonna get kicked out cuz of my grades, since I was on academic probation and then switched majors which I was told would remove the probation from my record however I still have the credit limit of being on probation. I’m thinking college isn’t for me but still my mother would kill me

  • Lkbmotion


    If you can, try to get a 504 plan. If you can't, be very communacitive with your teachers. As long as you are proactive you should be okay. Unless your teachers are dicks which happens sometimes. I also missed a lot of high school and miss a decent amount of college. I'd recommend applying to schools with well established/reviewed accomodation and disability programs. My school and professors have been very accommodating. College is not impossible. You got this!

  • RyeRyeBread


    I want to return back to school (started fall of 2019, stopped during pandemic), but I became chronically ill after being on a pause - so I don't have any "applied"/tested out advice to add --- bUt, mobility aids are lifesavers for me and many others, so if you are not already, maybe look into a rollator for example? A lot of people with POTS use them to help manage their symptoms throughout the day, and I remember all the walking involved in college - that was A LOT!! So maybe a rollator or wheelchair (depending on your condition severity and other, comorbid ones) may be of use to you! I second getting a 504 plan like the comment before me said, definitely important to get any and all accommodations that may assist in making your days at school easier. ((also just thought, a rollator could also be used to carry your books and bags - saving some energy and back pain! 😉😂😅))

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