Ever since I was a child (toddler) I am very picky with what I eat.. it’s mostly texture, smell for me. I don’t eat any condiments, no vegetables, no fruit besides apples watermelon. I basically eat: pizza, pasta (no sauce just butter n cheese, fries, chicken wings (no sauce), cheese steak nothing on it, hamburger ( no bread or cheese), bake potatoes just butter, I’ll eat bagels/bread/pancakes(all plain).
That’s mostly my diet. I rotate every day. I just want to eat normal and not be afraid. It’s embarrassing bc I am now in my 30s and eat like a child.

Eating Disorder

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  • csk


    Hey! I used to be the EXACT same. Good news is your taste buds supposedly change every 7 years, so I would use this time to try different foods and you might be surprised with what you enjoy. Ever since I started venturing out, I’ve discovered SO many new foods I love and enjoy! I have a feeling this will be you too :)

  • Dani214


    But I can’t get to the part of trying. Like if someone had $100000 infront of me and said EAT ketchup I couldn’t do it. I feel like I have cement blocks on my feet that’s stopping me from trying. Idk how else to say it. But my taste buds haven’t changed in 30 years 😩

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