How do I get out of really dark times?


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  • BHC


    Go further into detail. Don't know exactly what's going on

  • SemenSlurper9000


    would love to know a bit more in detail so we can help you :) just remember youre always loved and appreciated <3

  • maya64


    Coping skills and looking forward to brighter days is the most generic thing i can say without much info. And idk about you but hearing it'll get better is so annoying. But honestly, truly, to every dark day on the other side is a better one waiting for youm

  • Nikki97


    I try to keep busy, but force myself to go outside and do something as hard as it can be. Doing things that you'd normally love can help too. For instance, I read/write a lot but if I am in a dark space I try to force myself to read/write and it can be therapeutic.

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