one of my friends moved away and everyone in my friend group kept in touch with her, but i didn't make an effort. i'm not good with maintaining friendships. i feel like a bad person for drifting from her. am i? i'm too afraid to say anything. she was very negative about herself and others, so i don't know if i should try to reconnect with her. but she visits the group sometimes and doesn't invite me and it just makes me feel like i did something wrong.

Social Anxiety

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  • Greeny


    Some things just aren’t meant to be sometimes. Drifting away from people happens, especially when they’re no longer in your everyday life or area. It’s not a bad thing, but it can feel mournful because you’re still loosing something. Also if you feel that she was a negative person to be around, then it’s ok to want to distance yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong in my opinion. This is just a natural thing that happens.

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