Anyone got any ideas of how to deal with arthritis? My doctor just said “ deal with it “ can’t take steroids, but my pain limits my everyday to day movements.


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  • Mariposita_Obsidiana


    I’m not sure. I would try to find another doctor, but I know that’s not easy. I have pain medication, but it doesn’t always help. I try elevation (my arthritis is in my knees and left foot mostly), sometimes for swelling and pain. You could always try something with lidocaine.

  • angieleegee


    Sometimes smoking helps me- heat/ warm baths- I was prescribed a couple different meds that didn’t work out for me. Arthritis is really difficult and I’d recommend finding a different dr also because it’s hard to not have someone on your side with that

  • Nana_Sue


    Yes find another doctor. But a suggestion is a paraffin bath. That helps soothe the pain and get some good CBD cream to rub on your arthritis area.

  • Beachgirl42


    Parafin bath? I’ve heard of hands and feet how do you do bath

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