hello :) i was wondering if anyone had any advice about the following (i have no idea how to begin this question hahaha). i've never done much of anything in my life before because i've always been too afraid to leave my home. i just was barely able to graduate from high school and i'm unsure as to where i should take my next step since i didn't really think i'd get this far. my mom is fairly supportive of my mental health journey as it's evident that i struggle, but i obviously don't want to be stuck inside for the rest of my life. does anyone with this issue know where to start with putting themselves out there socially? i'd really like to begin experiencing things


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  • Void_Rex


    Recommend some introspection on the root of the phobia! For me I fear being unable to recieve life-saving help; so places that are near help-areas are where I'd start. If you can afford it, video therapy can be helpful! I've seen some advice where you should start step by step, making it into your yard for prolonged times (over the course of many tries) to build up a safety-repitiore type thing :)

    • stormysundays


      thank you for this, the response is much appreciated :) i will definitely be taking this advice!!

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