"VENT*how do y'all deal with PTSD I have a really bad PTSD of rats ever since we got infested at my house eventually all of them were killed / caught but I always hear them there not anywhere and I'm terrified it always happens I don't know what to do about it it makes me lose sleep and I'm just so tired of it this used to happen because I ate in my room but now I don't I got my whole room renovated so that nothing is dirty but I still hear them no matter what I do cannot explain how bad it gets me I will have some extremely bad anxiety at night I'm just really tired of it it just sucks and I don't know what to do about it every single day it's just the same it's annoying and makes me really anxious I just want to leave or go somewhere else to get rid of the noises I cannot explain how much I hate it I wish I was normal like other people I just want to be happy I want to get enough sleep I don't want to cry myself to sleep every night because of the crippling anxiety I'm having I hate myself I wish I just wasn't so stupid and was imagining things all the time luckily I've kept away from self-harm I don't know how but I somehow have I just don't want to do this anymore I just want to be over.


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