I've had chronic migraine for 12 years after a concussion. I wanted to see if others get fevers when they get migraines or headaches in general? I seem to always feel hot when my head hurts.

Chronic Migraine


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  • SlothsAreCute


    I definitely feel hot when I get migraines as well. Not sure if it’s always a fever but my temperature definitely goes up a little.

  • notthatkindofsick


    Oh my goodness I also have chronic migraines and when I get a bad one I for sure spike a fever. I have no idea why though.

  • Jenn_G


    You should try putting your hands and feet in warm water when your migraine gets like that. When your migraine spikes all that heat happens because all the blood and activity rushes to your head. Have you noticed if your hands and feet are cold during this time? If you bring the heat from your head to your extremities it helps to decrease the pain. Just a trick I found. Try it out and see if it helps. Also is this heat over your whole head and face or just one side?

  • Sherohn


    I too have these symptoms. Mostly my ears and neck get burning hot, so hot that they turn purple and red. This has happened ever since I played soccer, though I think it’s related to my many injuries and health conditions as well.

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