I have been having pretty much a constant headache lately it's not too severe sometimes worse than others. I feel like it's from the methotexteatè but I have no way of knowing that. I'm sure it could be from a lot of different things.
I do know since they increased my dose from 6 to 8 pills a week I have nausea just on the morning after I take them tho and once I eat it goes away.
this headache is really getting annoying tho.


Chronic Headache

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting



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  • Coffee_hound


    It’s hard to know where headaches stem from. Did you look the drug up for potential side effects?? Can you eat before you take your drug, to be a step ahead of it?? Perhaps you should let your Dr know about these headaches, maybe he/she can adjust your meds, if they think that is the cause. I live with headaches/ facial pain, and it can really suck the joy out of your day. Hugs.

  • Ivone


    ✋ I had headaches when I started methotrexate but not anymore. I had only 4 pills every Saturday and don’t eat 2 hours before or after medication. What helped me a lot is keep my mind busy and try to go out of bed even if I feel sick. Lots of love for you. Please talk to your doctor.

  • Ashrose


    If you feel nauseous take a zofran if you have it if not ask your doctor about zofran it should help the headache also

    • Tayo


      I second this! I always take zofran with my methotrexate. I haven’t had headaches from it though….I hope that goes away soon 💕

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