My medications haven’t been helping with my anxiety. I feel like it’s getting worse. Any coping mechanisms or ways to calm down?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Queeenie


    What else have you tried? Grounding? Meditation? Therapy?

  • gracie16600


    Oh I have so many!!! I use fidget rings and slime, putty etc. This helps me stop picking at my face and fingers. I have a weekly self care day and I try and always follow through with having that day to myself. I have a friend that I feel comfortable with and I talk to them when things get super bad. I always have tea and honey at my house and I try and stay hydrated 24/7 b/c I've realized that water helps my stomach when nerves get too bad. I honestly probably have more so we can message each other if you'd like to

  • sapporo


    I have a therapist but talk therapy doesn’t seem to work. Meditation doesn’t seem to work either

  • ElectricElk


    I try journaling and meditation.

  • NonbinarySlytherin


    In the moment anxiety I usually fidget. I have a fidget cube for when I get into a moment of anxiety that I know I have to get through it. Otherwise I suggest a nice cup of chamomile tea, a bath/shower, and or a nap.

  • Izzybop


    Something that I've found to be a helpful form of grounding is completing simple, mundane tasks when you start to feel anxious. Sometimes it's hard to focus of reading a book, or finding a tv show to ground you. But washing your hands or brushing your teeth are calming tasks that your brain is already hardwired to do without too much thought

  • regana


    when you feel the onset of an anxiety or panic attack rubbing ice or something cold under your eyes might help! my therapist suggested it and it helps sometimes, not all the time though. it can kinda shock your body out of panic mode. you should try it and let me know if it works for you!

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