My PMDD has been acting up so bad the last 2/3 days. I was super brain fogged at work, I’m super irritated and mad, sad at times and just want to crawl into a hole 🥲 can anyone else relate?

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

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  • ray.daisies


    Yes I feel this way every month 😥 I’m still trying to find ways to make things easier for me, but it’s really hard. I just started seeing a therapist and I’m hoping that will help. I also recommend being very gentle with yourself during those times. Go to a bookstore or your favorite place to shop and treat yourself to a little something. Just take extra good care of yourself and know that the wave will pass

    • ButterflyBeauty


      I always felt bad treating myself every month but it does help. And funny enough I love the bookstore! It is my comfort spot :) now I’m just waiting for my cycle to start but I’ve been so stressed lately it’s delayed 😭

  • Catemm


    I can absolutely relate. my SO is so so sweet and during these times my brain finds any reason to be irritated and angry with everyone around me. I cried for four hours on the bathroom floor for no apparent reason the other day.

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