when i started living at home again mom forced me to eat.. this was like months ago. i have gained 16 pounds and it’s killing me. i don’t recognize my body or my face anymore. i can’t believe i’ve let myself get this far.. i feel like i have to try twice as hard to be even half as pretty and attractive as any other girl and i can’t deal with it anymore.. it’s all i think about anymore, always on the back of my mind. even if i’m enough for others, i’ll never be enough for myself… how do you cope with feelings like this.

Eating Disorder

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  • Pixie.Rae


    About 4 months ago I went through a major change with moving and have gained 30 lbs since, I understand how you feel with not recognizing yourself and it can be hard but what has helped me become more comfortable with myself and my gain is looking at how much better I have gotten with my self care and other aspects of the gain. I don't know if this helps but I've always found it helpful for example instead of looking in the mirror and saying "I've gained so much" you could say "I've been eating meals and taking care of myself" I hope this helps.

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