This year has beena year of trial an error. After my longest relationship ended I felt lost and unloved. I instantly started dating probably not smart but live and learn right ! After finally stepping away from the dating pool, i found a wonderful man attentive,loving, sympathetic. To my dismay our relationship only lasted a month because he was shot and killed. Just my luck right I find a man that cares for me deeply then poof hes gone forever 💔. I still cant believe he died to this day and its been 6 months. fast forward now im in whatever Im with this this man he caring but seems confused as to what he wants. He claims he needs time to finalize our relationship but I keep telling him there is no need if he cannot choose me someone else will. I recently started having anxiety about these situations listed , its hard to find love out here , everyone want to be a player or is being played. so my qustion is how do you weather the season of loniness and just be alone for a while and be happy? another question is why is do people make you feel like they care when they dont?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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