I was diagnosed with othrostatic hypotension but I feel like that isn't quite correct my pulse is always at 100 or above my blood pressure is pee even all the time and recently my pluse will suddenly drop to low 50s then jump back to above 100 without me doing anything


Orthostatic hypotension

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  • Magpie42


    Orthostatic hypotension is not related to your heart rate necessarily. It pertains to your blood pressure. With OH, postural change (standing up, or standing for long periods of time) causes your blood pressure to drop. I also had a high average heart rate prior to meds. It stayed around 95-100. I also have episodes of tachycardia without postural change (IST- Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia), so they are just random. If your heart rate is dropping that low when you are not sleeping (and even then 40 is too low), you might want to work with your cardiologist to see if you are having episodes of bradychardia. That is the opposite of tachycardia, your heart rate drops too low.

    • Angela82


      it's bradycardia I have that as well mines sinus bradycardia

  • Magpie42


    No way to edit - hr in the 50s is okay-ish if you are resting but not active.

    • Ash_Clark


      thank you the reason I mentioned the diagnosis is because doctors said that was why I was having heart issues

      • Magpie42


        they didn't investigate your low heart rate issues at all?

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