I have been following the moving, stretching, rest, pace yourself, drink meds and get enough sleep, water, sun, nutrients stuff but I am still having shitty pain. The fatigue is intense and I am still supposed to do normal human activities like work. If ibuprofen is not working what do I use? What do I do if that is all the doctor says to take even though we have discussed the lack of impact. I’m on Cymbalta and gabapentin, and Wellbutrin he insist pain will get better but I have been on a mix for a while.


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Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • Belugabear


    Have you thought about seeing a new doctor? There are plenty of other medications you can try, but it sounds like your current doctor isn’t willing to do that. Also, look into medical cannabis. It’s the best thing I have for pain!

  • OodlesOfNoodles


    Next time you see him, definitely emphasize that you will not leave the appointment until you have a better plan than just "waiting". I've been there and sometimes doctors need to know that you're fed up. It's obviously not helping, so something needs to change. Or you need a new doctor. Sometimes doctors are too confident for their own good. They won't admit to being wrong. I hope you find something that helps soon! Have you tried muscle relaxers?

    • OodlesOfNoodles


      But also yes I've had the same experience. Pain meds just don't work on me. Or even heat or ice. I'm still trying to figure out what to do but I only just started seeing my doctor, so hopefully he knows what to do if these relaxers don't work

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