how do I get to know my alters better?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • T3ddyb3ar


    When you figure it out lmk-Alex 🤨… we are trying by just whenever we remember we are a system asking who else is around and if they want to tell us anything abt themselves. We try to get a name or an age and an interest or thing they tend to do. It’s hella hard cause we are polyfrag and super jumbled but I think this would work probably for y’all too?- ame. Don’t force anything and try to remain curious, y’all all might not exactly be super comfy at first so try to be kind and polite, maybe try talking out loud into a mirror. -dark. Genuineness goes a long way and finding a reason to like the others in your system is endlessly valuable. -ame

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