My doctor just prescribed this to me for anxiety. Wondering how you all like it?


Anxiety (Including GAD)




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  • Maddie18


    It works great for me. Calms me down within 10 minutes or so but also makes you drowsy so not good to drive when you take it.

  • uhnyeiss


    I love hydroxyzine! I started taking it in october for panic attacks, and the first few times I took it, it made me pretty sleepy and I had a small headache, but it is so helpful for going out in public (for me personally). it also helps the mental aspect because I know that if I take it, I physically cannot have a panic attack so that helps with the mental part as well. hope it works as well for you!!

  • Chiara


    I started taking these for breakthrough anxiety attacks, with sertraline as my main medication for anxiety & depression. The hydroxyzine works really well for me most of the time! It does definitely make me sleepy, but it also helps me avoid major emotional bursts & gives me the confidence that I'm not going to be out of control.

  • Leo_369


    I take it time to time at about 2-3 25mg pills just if I know I’m going to need it soon for anxiety/stress. It helps I believe but I’ve also not experienced any side effects. Maybe a tiny bit drowsy but still can drive and everything (:

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