I have a new obsession…. Knives lol. Probably not a good obsession tho…. Anyway, any thoughts?

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  • Tofu14


    Like in what way? I’m kind of a knife snob lol. I like to find high end ones that cut really well and make sure they are sharp and everything. But it’s because I like cooking and having good knives makes me happy. I really like going to thrift stores and looking for high end ones. There nothing wrong with liking knives, just make sure that you stay safe:)

    • DitsyDiabetic


      yeah I’m staying safe. My collection is of pocket knives and other every-day carries. I use knives in my job all the time, so I rotate what part of my collection I’m carrying 🤯 they’re mostly for cutting boxes and stuff, i just like unique and beautiful knives! If you wanna talk about it, I’m more than willing! Please message me if you want 😇

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