My daughter has a bump on her wrist. It shows more when she bends her wrist. Could this be a ganglion cyst? She said it hurts her when she does cartwheels.

Acute Pain in Thoracic Spine

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  • Alicia4475


    Oh the old ganglion cyst...I had one on my wrist as a kid too! It prevented me from tumbling. The dr drained it but came back soon after. Then oddly my dog was playing around with me one day and bit me on my hand/wrist and it went away! Weirdest thing ever

  • wheelsnfeels


    It could be! Especially since she’s only complaining of the pain when it’s pressed upon from a cartwheel, and most of the time a ganglion cyst only ever hurts if it presses up on a nerve. Whether it goes away on its own, that is the question. Most of them usually do go away after a couple months, but if it disappears earlier than that you’ll know it was probably a strange bug bite or some other bizarre thing. You could get it checked out if you have insurance that’ll cover it, though.

  • Britt77


    It is a ganglion cyst. We got it checked. Thanks guys!

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