To anyone with social anxiety, do you feel like you can’t help but think people think your weird ? Or what they may be thinking?

Social Anxiety

Overweight & Obesity

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  • kelzbellz


    I'm a bigger girl and eating out in public is a huge trigger for my social anxiety. I constantly think people are looking at me and thinking "she's so fat, she just needs to stop eating." It sucks sometimes

    • Cherri_Taylor


      I am 225 pounds. I feel so disgusting I hate for people to take pics of me, I won’t wear certain things trust me I get it. But guess what? 98% of the time people aren’t even thinking about what you think they are 😊 I saw this video on social anxiety so I can cope with mine and he said on the video that 98% of people are thinking of things in their own life. ❤️

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