Hey can anyone help me out. Ive had a suspension that I have addisons disease but it seems like most that have it are underweight. Is there anyone with addisons that are overweight? I also want to learn more about this so I know if it should be crossed off the list.

Glucocorticoid deficiency

Excessive Sweating


acute lethargy


Malaise & Fatigue


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  • Kit91


    Typo- suspicious. / symptoms im struggling with is fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, muscle weakness with cramps, thirsty all the time, always hot or cold, randomly feels sick. I have pcos so i dont get a cycle anyway.

  • OrcKilla


    Sounds more like Cushing’s than Addison’s. I have Addison’s and chronically low blood pressure and fainting is the most obvious symptom especially when you’re in an adrenal crisis. Loss of appetite could be caused by you feeling sick due to PCOS or other reasons. It’s worth seeing an endocrinologist though and having your hormones checked out!

  • AddyWarrior


    Hi! I've just joined. I hope you're closer to finding a solution! I wasn't losing weight when I had undiagnosed Addison's because I also had undiagnosed hypothyroidism, which causes weight gain. They were cancelling each other out for me. The dead giveaway Addison's symptom (IMO) is the low blood pressure/dizziness. A million diseases out there cause muscle problems/fatigue, but with the fainting and immeasurably low blood pressure, it's much more likely to be an Addison's thing.

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