Saw an ad for this app and thought I’d give it a try. I’m interested in talking to people who had a heart transplant at a young age like myself. I was 16 when I had the surgery and I’m 24 now. I think it’s helpful to talk to people with the same situation.

Heart replaced by transplant

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  • LordNuggetIV


    Hi! I had a heart transplant at 5 years old and am 22 now. Tell me your story!

    • ADT


      I was born with HLHS and had a fontan installed when I was three days old. The fontan was able to help until I was 15 when it failed. I had a VAD for about 9 months and about a week before I got my new heart, I had a stroke caused by the Vad. Things have been looking good for me since then other than the frequent doctors appointments! I’ve spoken briefly to others with similar stories but thought this was a good way to speak with others 🤗

  • AlternateHeart


    I was 26 years old when i got transplanted

  • Sneakaz


    I had my transplant when I was 10 years old, and am now 32! Hope y’all are doing well!

  • Tone


    I was an infant when I had mine and I’m 28 now. 🤗

  • Insane_Llama


    I had mine when I was 7, Im 20 now.

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