I'm always hard on myself people say stop being so hard on your self I just
what to be happy and not having to worry about my Schizophrenia blowing up in my head I'm just what to be the best person I can be it hard the best


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  • Mbgjvb


    Honestly, one day at a time. You’re trying your best :3 that’s all that matters. I know it’s probably really scary and really hard but you got this! Fighting!

  • jess26


    Thank you I will

  • RogueDream


    I feel the exact same way, I have schizophrenia too and like 4 other ones too. I understand completely my brain always feels like it’s on fire and in constant pain. The hallucinations and voices are scary and I hate dealing with it. I felt so alone until I just read your post

    • jess26


      I just what to not be so hard on my self

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