how can you get your iron levels up without the pills? how can I start iron diet only?


Iron Deficiency Anemia

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  • HeyReese


    Disclaimer: this is based on my own experience with chronic anemia & celiac disease. 1) carbonyl iron is the best for absorption (dr told me this)— I prefer Douglas Laboratories. 2) My anemia has gotten worse b/c the gf bread isn’t enriched with iron. 3) cooking in a cast iron pan. 4) spinach, lentils, oysters, broccoli, dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, liver, kidney & navy beans, raisins, dried apricots

  • HeyReese


    My body does not have enough iron, even when I double up on pills. I hate taking iron pills, but I’ve found I can’t get enough with diet alone because celiac disease often prevents the proper absorption of iron. The Douglas Labs iron saved me from having to get a blood transfusion, but I still never got back to normal levels

  • Kelz


    Peanuts raise your iron. I don’t ever have enough but I’m not super super low either so I eat lots of peanuts.

  • StarMoon


    I learned that cow milk makes your body less absorbance to iron. Peanuts or cashews help to raise it.

  • Bellagirl


    I have to get iron transfusions. Years ago I had a gastric bypass and I don't absorb all nutrients which is why I am also B12 deficient which is critical so I do weekly injections of those too.

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