Hello....I'm 62 and having trouble with my diabetes numbers...for ten years my A1C was a steady low number was 10.

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • JoJoY


    I struggle too, and been Type 2 Diabeticnd also Hypoglycemic now for 10 years. Sugar is up and down and my A1C is 8.2 for a year.

  • GatorVic


    Good luck. Mine has been around 6.1 every time I get tested but I haven’t checked it in awhile. Your post is a wake up call

  • UCBree


    I changed mine from 9.4 to 5.6. I eat low carb, avoid sugar as best as I can, eat grapefruit daily, and take Ceylon cinnamon. This has kept me off meds and within normal range.

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