How do you have a good day in bed? I'm too depressed to get up but want to still have the best sad day I can.


Bipolar Disorder

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  • Loona


    Watch some YouTube or Tik Tok to get your mind off of things

  • esh


    Find some simple phone/pc games! I personally like puzzles but whatever you kind you prefer! There’s a lot of “escape room” puzzle games that are pretty fun! Tik Tok definitely gets me through too😂

  • Melthesnail


    I typically watch Netflix/Hulu or tiktok. I also browse Reddit.

  • MarinaV


    self care in bed! do some drawing, coloring on apps. I have this coloring app and it calms me so much. you can watch something or write whatever you feel like.

  • Mlric7


    We have to control things with our mind and not our is going to be hard, but your mind has your best interest at heart..just please try and stay positive! Yes it is way easier said than done butttt…I am here for you! You got this :) one day at a time.

  • PinkPupButt


    I watch my favorite YouTube videos! I often find myself rewatching entire series during my bad days. My favorite right now have been minecraft and true crime videos, even if I don't pay direct attention they make amazing background noise too! I do a lot of self soothing too, I have autism and adhd too so I'll use a weighted blanket, cuddle my favorite plushies and chew on a chew necklace. any small amount of joy can guide you to something bigger. :)

  • Jadie


    Self care in easy reach. Even if you gotta bring your toothbrush and a cup to spit in. Snacks nearby and something to stay hydrated. A calm playlist can help while avoiding songs that can bring negative emotions out as depression can sometimes feed off it. I suggest this for myself and others since I try to have the mindset of health first while in a depressive episode. I hope you find some relief soon.

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