How is everyone? I'm currently in the epilepsy monitoring unit running a study and changing medicines (-briviact and -depakote, but +gabapentin.

Anyone else struggle with side effects or tried these medications? I've tried so many medicines/ therapies and I'm still dealing with side effects and seizures (honestly I don't know what is worse at the moment).



Visual Disturbances


Psychogenic non epileptic seizure

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  • Nimbus


    I take depacon. The side effects are not fun. I suffer from stomachaches, dizziness and visual disturbance

  • Willb


    Thank you for your input. I'm sorry that you had to/ have to deal with all of that. Especially if it is a medicine that you do not have the luxury to discontinue.

  • jay_


    I took briviact but it didn’t do anything for me, no side effects but also no help with the seizures. have you looked into VNS?

  • Willb


    Yes, I have a VNS currently

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