I spent the entire weekend with my boyfriend and he dropped me off at home last night. I cried and cried because I missed him and I didn't want to be home. I woke up this morning extremely depressed and almost didn't make it to work. I have a hard time with transitioning from place to place. Does anyone have this problem?


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  • Skylar


    Sounds like separation anxiety 💕i go through it too with my fiance

  • kjsux


    Absolutely! I don't completely know why, but I'm the exact same way

  • Mee123


    I sure use to! 😥

  • Mars


    I’m the same way. I found that it was more about my home life situation away from him than it was about him in my case. Once I moved out things got a lot better and I stopped being so anxious while he was gone and worrying that he’d leave me, although living with him probably helps too. I struggle with adjusting to other places too, but I’m not sure yet if that’s a result of trauma or the mental illness itself.

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