does anyone cry for no reason or out of stress, anxiety,public speech,etc? I cry went someone tells at me or I feel like they are talking to me in a way I feel like they are angry at me .

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Rach13


    I understand you are

  • Kaislyn


    I cry a lot and I just make sure that my friend circle and family knows that. I cry if I’m sad, happy, or angry. Crying is how you express your emotions and that’s okay! If it’s extremely bad you could always reach out to a therapist!

  • slothtastic36


    yes, all the time! i cry almost every day for one reason or another. i’ve been working on realizing that crying isn’t a bad thing, it’s just one way to express emotion, so it is nothing to be ashamed of!

    • mr.pickle


      I cry like lot like about everything.

      • slothtastic36


        i do too, i definitely relate to that, it is my natural way of showing frustration or any emotion really

  • Rebe


    Yeah! It's a freak out thing. I could be watching a movie and something get to me and I start crying.

  • zebra2022


    i feel this. i’m still learning to drive (i’m almost 21 😬) and my husband was with me this morning when i was driving us home from the store. i said “when do i turn” (i needed to turn left into the neighborhood at the light intersection). and he said “figure it out”. he knew i knew what to do. and that i just second guess myself a lot. he knew i just needed to be more confident but instead of saying “you got this” or “do what you think” he said “figure it out”. and it upset me. i started to tear up. he didn’t mean to be mean he just wanted me to believe that i knew what i was doing.

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