So I was finally diagnosed with POTS last week and was given instructions to significantly increase my salt and water intake along with wearing compression garments. How long does it take to see improvement after starting this? It seems to be helping a little but I still get dizzy A LOT. Do I just need to keep at it?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)


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  • sstorm


    Following. I, too, would like to know.🤗

  • Nichole850


    It’s an ongoing everyday thing. Some days are better than others. Gatorade is great too

  • RachelLily


    Improvement is a different experience for everyone. After my diagnosis and starting treatment, i saw improvements in about a month. I started with daily Nuun Hydration tablets in my water (2-3 a day) and started on Propranolol and it CHANGED my life. These things don't work for everyone though. A big part of the journey is discovering what works for YOU. So when I say try everything and anything, I mean it.

  • Livs26


    It took a month for me to increase my salt and water intake enough to see a differnce. Keep pushing!!

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