I got a question. I was wondering if you hurt yourself or others does that mean your still have schizophrenia cause most people who have schizophrenia dont attack self or others

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  • GeorgeMcFly


    I’ve self-inflicted and hurt someone else without any memory. The wounds were very minor at least.

    • laceyandme


      oh ok. I have mermoy of some of them i wosh i didnt cause rememebering being strap down with getting sedative suck.

  • Kaite


    Well actually the whole reason they found out that I had schizophrenia was because the first incident was my step brothers were spending the night for the weekend and they would sleep on an air mattress in the living room so one night I went into the kitchen and took steak knives and outline them so they took me to Rockford that night well we stayed there for a good couple of hours and no one took us back so we just left and then the next incident which got me locked up in the Terry Center was I was mad at my step Brothers Zachary and I went on to YouTube he said me and the horror movie characters were going to decapitate him and my school got a hold of it and sent it to my therapist they didn't even contact my mom at all my mom had to learn through my therapist so they took me to get evaluated at Terry Center and I told them that I was hearing voices in my head one telling me the good things and the other telling me to do bad things so yeah that's how they found out I had schizophrenia but my schizophrenia isn't the normal type of schizophrenia my schizophrenia is traumatic so I don't have regular schizophrenia I have traumatic schizophrenia because of my biological father who did unmentionable things to me

    • laceyandme


      oh i see. I am sorry to hear that. I was diagnosed schizophrenia at a hospital atfer acting out and in the quiet room for 3 days and hearing voices and having delusional thoughts at the hospital

      • Disturbed_Damsel


        I had a very similar experience.

  • 1koga1


    You can definitely still have a schizo disorder if you self injure lol, I've heard it's pretty common in some people with schizophrenia.

  • AsianSunshine


    Hoping u r receiving counsel for emotional pain if u r self harming to relieve emotional hurts.

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