TW. Confession. Awful confession. I feel guilty because I often feel jealous when people around me are s3xually harassed. Not, like, intense, traumatizing situations -- like legitimate gRape, but the little things like catcalling, internet harassment, etc, that my friends usually laugh about and brush off when it happens.
It's not like I really want it to happen to me...sort of. I sort of want to be catcalled. I want to feel attractive. When people say, "oh, some sort of harassment has happened to every feminine person," I wonder what must be wrong with me because it has never happened to me. The only stranger who's ever thought I'm pretty was a drunk girl at a concert who complimented me when I was alone. If she had been sober, or if anyone had been next to me, she never would have said it.
I want to be harassed because I want to feel desirable. If I'm not even desirable to a s3x offênder, how ugly must I be? If I'm not even desirable to a s3x offênder...how could anyone would want me?

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Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • LisaSimpson


    I think wanting to be wanted is a very valid feeling and as we age and see everyone getting married and starting a family and it's very natural to want in on that ❤️

  • Feinix


    I have a partner who loves me very much. I know she does. I feel wanted but I feel like it's DESPITE my body. I want my body to be wanted. I want to be desirable.

  • TwistyDaisy


    I don't think it's weird at all to want to hear a mating call specifically made for you.

  • LTJC


    It's what is killer about this disorder. You did get complimented once, but you dismissed it. How can you say that woman wouldn't have said that if someone else was around? You have no way of knowing that, but your low self-esteem makes it a fact in your head. Believe me, I know how you feel. Beauty, or sexiness, depends on who is viewing you and their standards. Cat- calling is kinda rude and as a man who has found millions of women attractive, I would never be rude to one to cat-call them. Maybe men are just too polite to disrespect you.

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