is it normal to feel like they speak in metaphores??
it also passes me off that I always see them in the corner of my eyes like ok?? I get ur there, tf are we gunna do about it?? let's box bitch


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  • Holland143


    Yes, i get that very much.

  • Holland143


    I know exactly what that’s like. It’s awful, but i remind myself to think clearly and with facts, not metaphors.

  • royalty


    I don't get voices very often, most of my auditory hallucinations are footsteps or someone yelling from a distance. But, when I do get voices, they definitely speak in metaphores and because I am metaphor resistant (autistic) I have absolutely no clue what they're talking about lmao.

  • seatune


    i have terrible difficulty communicating, i end up looking weird when i say something that only makes sense to me like how i feel like i feel like i’m on a sand planet with only cold water pools that make you numb. my auditory hallucinations don’t talk in english when they do talk, either in a language i can’t understand fully or make sounds. most of them are yelling at me from downstairs or slamming the cabinet door/ footsteps.

  • AliJo1976


    Yes. I get that. Just yesterday, one ran passed me in the kitchen. I see flashes of white sparkles too.

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