how do you cope with loneliness? i have no friends and its tearing me apart

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • bunnni


    i try to keep myself busy! it’s really hard not gonna lie, i struggle with it a lot too.. but i’m trying to find a hobby i enjoy, like i have been baking and cooking for fun.

  • McNic


    I keep busy with work and school , if you need friends who understand I'm here! I'll be friends with you. Dm me

  • Bribaby798


    ❤️I Also try to keep busy. Reach out if you need to talk

  • 99z


    for me the loneliness (and the sort of drowning boredom that comes with it) is crippling and one of my big struggles, and im not good with it but rlly i just focus on the next hyperfixation until i get tired if it. i have to keep my mind busy with things i will actually like. but not going out ends up being a huge problem, so if u have th ability treat yourself to going outside alone or with others.

  • Manifesting.Gecko


    I feel you, I have one friend and anyone else i consider as one, is my siblings. I have found that although cheesy, writing on my mirror with sharpie (easily removable with sanitizer) some affirmations has really made a difference. The loneliness can be really hard, but the more i’ve invested more in myself and less and trying to force friendships, the less lonely ive become honestly. Im always here if youre looking for a friend🤎Wishing you the best

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