hey everyone! I was wondering if someone had tips for getting motivated while they're in a downward spiral? thank you!


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  • SalineTurnip


    Setting small goals helps me a lot. When I say small, I mean as simple as getting out of bed. Or walking for five minutes on my treadmill. Washing my face. Very little things. (Sometimes I even ask for help getting out of bed if I need to.) Accomplishing a little thing makes me feel like I've done something, even if it's not major. And that may be the only "big" thing I do for the day but that's better than nothing. Sometimes I'm able to build on that and do other small things.

  • FelixTE


    There's not a lot of ways to do it without stressing out more but I found that once you let yourself do tiny steps at a time, it's easier to get more done.

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