What can I do that will bring me back down to earth?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Mrs.Rainbow6


    Pinching, rubber band popping, music, singing, naming colors or objects around you, saying "I am here, I am present, I am in control, I am (location)". These have all worked for me. Certain ones work more than others and certain ones only work in certain situations.

  • chronically.unchill


    I hear a good cold-shock can be helpful for some. It's just enough to focus your mind and body in on one thing to snap out of a panic attack spiral. I suffer from migraines and heat intolerance so I've always got gel ice packs in the freezer. I've found that putting that on my chest/collar bone area or on the back of the neck works for it all. Even the freezable headache hats that are becoming more popular.

  • signature_sauce


    i use the questions the emt’s asked me one time when i had to ride in an ambulance. i was unconscious and it helped me realize where i was and that life is real (lol). where am i? when is my birthday? what day is it? what year is it? what’s my name (obviously you know your name though) things like that. if you have a pet i also recommend petting them. you can hear, touch, and maybe even smell them.

  • WeAllFloatOn


    Senses check in or stimulation: -Something you can see (focus on something or try to find everything blue in the room etc) -feel (notice the sensations in your body, or create one like rubber band pop on the wrist, roll something in your hands, ice pack on the wrist or neck etc) -hear (notice the sounds around you, or hum and make one yourself) -Smell (notice the smells around you or sniff something you like- a lotion, food, essential oil, plant etc.) -Taste (what does the air you’re breathing taste like? Have a mint or a piece of chocolate, etc).

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