we went to the emergency room around 4 years ago (the body was 13 at the time) because of a girl who was exploiting our friend group, and while we were there, the short evaluation they did came out saying we didn't have suicidal intent, and that because of it they couldn't admit us to inpatient

I told our therapist about it the next day, she said they need a full evaluation, and with injuries and trauma like ours, they should've kept us there for a full 24-48 hours under observation.

so we went to a different emergency room, got reevaluated (correctly this time), and got set up with an intensive outpatient therapist and skills trainer.

moral of the story, if you're having serious mental health issues, your problems should be taken seriously by professionals, because it's the baseline respect they should give that comes with being in that field. if you're not getting the help you need from one hospital or provider, and you have the energy to, please seek help from somewhere/someone else.
you deserve healing, respect, and the help you need.

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