hi im new im wondering if there's a alternative remedy for malabsorption


Intestinal malabsorption

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  • cjoite


    I’m still trying to figure that out too. In a two year period I have lost 62 pounds.

  • chaunty


    Its frustrating. I can't take ANYTHING with vitamin c ill get horrible canker sores in my mouth because im not absorbing it...this includes eating apples and stuff

  • Patato


    Do u guys use probiotics? There are some for ‘biofilm’ that seem to help my gut more than others

  • MrsJacobs22


    Have you tried or looked into the Low FODMAP diet? I just started it. I haven’t seen any progress yet but I’ve heard it’s helpful for many people with issues like this!

  • justpeachyqueen


    Oregano oil is a more natural antibiotic. I’ve only taken one round but it was much more tolerable than Xifaxan and neomycin. Also more affordable!

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