Anyone else get random periods of depression despite being on medication that helps for your depression? Does it throw off your mental stability for a bit?


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  • Pouch


    All the time

  • saltybutsweet_22



  • jeteryank


    All the time. I am dealing with one tonight and I dont what to do. O am so sick of feeling this way

  • dogdad13


    Yes, but I try to think about how my depression was before I took medication and try be grateful that as bad as I might feel right now, I've been through worse. Just gotta sit tight and wait for it to pass, I usually wash my face with cold water or even rub an ice cube around my face to help ground myself when it gets really bad

  • Emperor_Kai


    Unfortunately yes. Especially because of covid stress.

  • T3ddyb3ar


    Absolutely, tends to be triggered by ptsd or just a bad day but it’s just so easy to spiral, coping mechanisms sorta help. I blame society tbh. If things weren’t so messed up it would be a lot easier to feel well.

  • Lemonade


    I'm actually in one of those random periods right now sadly. And yeah it does mess with my mental health. And yes sometimes it can mean that the medication is no longer working

  • Snapcracklepop


    I dealt with this all the time and then I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder on top of my depression😅 now that I’m on antidepressants AND mood stabilizers the periods of depression are almost nonexistent. When I do find myself really depressed, my mental stability is absolutely thrown off for a bit. Remember that healing is never linear and a setback is not a failure. :)

  • Sansan


    Yes! This past summer I decided to change from what I’d been on for a long time and try something new, I was feeling really low and had no desire to do anything! Well I took a DNA test and was shown the meds I have been on for years did not match up to my DNA and so I tried on that did, well it did increase my energy, however I started lashing out, was getting really angry & had a lot of anxiety! Do where I did permanent damage and told my siblings they are dead to me! 😥 needless to say I stopped the medicine and went back to my old meds, I’m back to my old self with bouts of feeling down, however I’m not willing to try anything else after that!!!

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