Hello! I've been recently diagnosed with functional neurological disorder (FND) or also called conversion disorder. This condition comes with many symptoms. As far as I am aware, not much research has been conducted on it. Some people say it's more neurological, while others say that it's more psychiatric; most will agree that it is some mix of both. I'm curious how to know that this condition is getting better or worse overall as well as what treatments or other things have been working for people. If you have FND, what symptoms do you have? I understand that people can vary slightly in how it shows or started.


Generalized pain



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Conversion Disorder

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  • Spunky


    Mine is all muscular

    • MandazInTC


      Does that mean you have involuntary movements or tics?

      • happyfacee


        i do! Mine is all musculoskeletal and a while ago I developed motor tics!

  • Spunky


    Involuntary movements pain and trouble standing

  • gettingonmynerves


    Hi! I was recently diagnosed with this. My understanding of it is that it’s stems from the psychological, but causes physical pain. There is nothing wrong/damaged about the nerves from a physical standpoint. It’s more about the way our brain is psychologically sending/receiving signals that is the problem. My symptoms are burning and tingling pain in my arms, legs, hands, and feet. I get weakness as well. Activity seems to aggravate it.

  • Valkyrie


    I used to get a lot of loss of motor control and absence seizures, but those are very rare for me now. Nowadays, it’s mostly pain, numbness, and brain fog. SSNRIs and beta blockers have been super helpful for me.

  • echochaos


    Hello :) it seems we are really good matches. I've recently been diagnosed myself, and it's so complex to understand

  • alucardtepes


    Hi! I was recently diagnosed, i have seizures when my anxiety peaks, or with certain trauma triggers that I'm still figuring out. The treatment seems to be therapy, for me specifically I know I need help unpacking the trauma I carry. That should cause my symptoms to go away.

    • Spunky


      consider emdr

      • alucardtepes


        my therapist told me this might work for me, but im not sure what it is

  • PicklesTheCat


    I have a lot of seizures as well as pain, brain fog, and limb weekness. I'm seriously considering getting myself a wheelchair as somedays my legs just won't hold my body.

  • MizzyMoo1


    I have involuntary movements, headaches, and short periods of time where I am completely unable to move (lasts around 5 minutes tops). I've also been unable to walk and used a wheelchair in the past to avoid falling due to the muscle spasms.

  • NebulaFinder


    Hello, I suffer from numbness/tingling in my extremities almost daily. Muscular ticks and tremors, as well as light sensitivity, brain fog, loss of fine and gross motor control, and weakness when I have an episode.

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