ok I need to vent.. me and my partner broke up today and it hurts so bad. the reason is because even though they are older then me they are a grade below me and I'm headed to highschool while their still in middle school.. they said that we can try again next year when they come into high school but it still hurts to not have them as my partner anymore..


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  • jassybird


    All of the emotions that you are feeling right now are temporary and everything is going to be okay. Teenage relationships are tricky and I think that you and your partner might get together again within the next few weeks possibly. If not that's cool, you might find someone in high school who is a better match for you anyway. Sorry that you are facing that emotional pain right now.

    • Max_F


      thank you, I hope we get back together soon or possibly next year, but idk. You don't have to be sorry for what I'm going through, it isn't your fault! Thank you again<3 I hope you have an amazing day.

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