Does anyone else get fevers at random times? Comes and goes. I was told due to having Eplisey . I have never heard of that.


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)


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  • GingerToriel


    Did they say that the fever is a seizure? There's something called a febrile seizure, but in general it's something that children have, if I'm remembering correctly.

    • Suggarbear


      No don't have sezuire often or systoms other than fevers. When do have a sezuire very noticeable. Thank u for the info. Did not know that.

      • GingerToriel


        I would ask your doctor for clarification then with a direct question of: How are my fevers related to the epilepsy? If you don't feel the answer is something that adequately helps you understand, then I would ask my general practitioner to look at the answer to see if they can explain it better. If they think it's an odd answer, I would find a neurologist that will issue a second opinion. I didn't know a ton of things about my epilepsy until I saw a specialist that only works with epilepsy patients. Not every doctor that is good at medicine is good at communicating.

  • nk31784


    My epilepsy never caused fevers my lupus does though.

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